you were once happily in love, partnered up, or married and thought you had found the one, but now find yourself single and dreading getting back out there in the dating game.


you’ve had a string of “meh” relationships that always ended in the same place: A big, old, unsatisfactory dead end.


you’ve been so focused on your career, you never got around to creating marriage or family


you’re looking for Mr. Right, but are somehow always settling for Mr. Right Now.

Or maybe

you’re like most of us—a woman who simply hasn’t found what—and who—she’s looking for yet.

Romantic relationships can bring oomph, sweetness and meaning to life…

But first you need to find him.


That someone to bring you tea. To explore new cities with. To whisper your darkest secrets to. To laugh at your worst jokes and witness your best moments. To suffer through re-runs of Friends together. To remember you like your pasta cooked al dente. To hug. To hold. To feel like home with. And to share quiet moments of passion. Of vision. Of life.

He’s your someone and he’s out there. But how do you find him?

I’m Cami, and I know the answer.

You let him find you.

Not by sitting around, lighting candles and burning incense under a certain phase of the moon. Not by playing silly games that make you seem unobtainable or force him to chase you. He’ll find you when you begin walking through the world bathed in the irresistibly intoxicating fragrance of a woman who is confident, comfortable in her own skin, and deeply aware of just how desirable and loveable she is.


Like water which has found it source, your Mr. Gorgeous will unfailingly fall head over heels in love with you, fully commit to you, and then wonder where you’ve been hiding his entire life (Um, where are you hiding?).

So no you haven’t missed the boat. Nothing is wrong with you. There are still good men out there. And you can find wildly satisfying, earth-shattering love outside of a Disney movie. In fact, it won’t just be love. It’ll be the love of your life.

Welcome to my Calling In “The One” Coaching.

Because that’s what I’ll coach you to do—literally call in the one.

You might not realize it, but you could subconsciously be pushing him away. You could be pulverizing your chances by accident, You might be sending out the wrong messages or no messages at all. You could be holding your self back, or walking through life believing that love is not possible for you.

But when you become aware of precisely what it’ll take to attract the one—not just any someone, but your someone—you can do just that, you can call him in, you can be crazy sexy in love and everything falls into place.

I’ve seen it happen more than you might imagine– women who thought their ship had sailed…are finally finding the guy they want to spend the rest of their lives with.

But here’s the deal. Despite how it may sound, this is not a fluffy “change your thoughts,” law-of-attraction kind of thing. In fact what you’ll have to change is nothing less than your core “love identity”. Your core love identity may be doing things to attract Mr. Wrong, Mr. Right Now, and Mr. Unavailable. She may be rather critical and judgmental, and lack self confidence, thinking she needs to change something about herself to be loveable.

And that’s what my coaching addresses.
It helps you look for love in the one place you haven’t yet.


I help women attract “the one” because I help them turn themselves into the one first. At the core, that means that our work together centers around making you intoxicatingly magnetic. So magnetic, you’ll become irresistible—and then you’ll have your pick of suitors, lining up to see what all the hoop-de-lah is about. And that hoop-de-lah? Is you.

Some of the things I’ll teach you are:


  • The top three non-negotiable things you have to do to get your magnetism on—stat.
  • The most common (and unobvious) mistakes you may be making—inadvertently keeping love at bay.
  • The radical shift you can make right now—today—to rev up the quality of men you attract into your life.
  • Why your perfect partner may very likely be different than anyone you’ve ever dated before—and how to spot him.
  • How to blow up your old, destructive habits in relationships and be the person you’d want to fall in love with. (So he can, too.)
  • The difference between showing up as a little girl, and showing up as a magnetic woman of power in your relationship—and why it’ll make all the difference from here on out (You are a queen after all, not a lady-in waiting.)
  • How to know when you’ve met “the one”–and not miss out on one of the greatest opportunities of your life.
  • The one shocking secret that is the key to everything—and the exact opposite of everything you were ever taught to do.

…and much more.

Of course, our sessions together revolve around you and your specific situation and needs—but these are some of the common things that come up regularly for my clients, as we work to help them love themselves—so they can, in turn, be loved by another.

Calling In The One Coaching May Be For You If:


  • You’ve felt invisible for years — and you’re longing for men to really notice you.
  • You’ve met men, but haven’t felt a deeper connection with any of them (wave bye bye to those days!).
  • You’re lonely. And you don’t want to be.
  • You’ve been through a series of fruitless relationships that never go anywhere—it’s like rinse, repeat, recycle. Again.
  • You’re wondering if the partner you’re with is really the one—or if there could be another, better match out there for you. (You sense there might be.)
  • You’ve been disappointed too many times.
  • You know you have a lot to give; you just need to find someone willing to give it back to you in equal measure.
  • You want someone to give you back rubs. (Okay, so that’s really just a bonus. Wink.)

If this is you:


Pour yourself a glass of wine, take a big, cleansing breath, and get ready to blow the lid off your old, uninspiring love life. I can help you call in the one man who will give you butterflies, and the committed, loving partnership you deserve.

There are two ways we can work together:


One-one-one private: You, me, your love loop (or lack there of), and how we can tailor a plan for you to call in the one.

In-person group coaching: Want the support from a group of other women going through the same thing? Join us for our live group sessions! They’re 7 weeks long, and we typically run them two times per year. Check out the Workshops Page for our next live session!


Release Your Hidden Barriers to Love & Become Magnetic to Your Soulmate


Calling in “The One” Packages

I offer 4 packages for clients ready to work with me 1:1. Please have a look and see which one is right for you…
Private 1:1 coaching session held via Skype or phone.

Select one of the following:

I’m ready for the 60-minute Private Coaching Session

Single 60-minute private coaching session (open topic)


I’m ready for the 9-session Package

8-session bundle
+ 1 complimentary “booster” session
scattered over three months


(or click here to pay $595/monthly for 2 months)

I’m ready for the 20-session Package

20-session bundle:
8 session Calling In “The One” package
+ 3 months of total love life makeover coaching
scattered over 6 months


(or click here to pay $495/monthly for 5 months)

I’m ready for the 16-session Conscious Uncoupling / Calling In “The One” Package

16-session power coaching combo:
6 sessions of Conscious Uncoupling work
+ 8-sessions of Calling In “The One work
+ 1 complimentary “emergency session
scattered over six months. Click here to learn more about Conscious Uncoupling coaching


(or click here to pay $425/monthly for 4 months)

I’m ready for a complimentary 30- minute Hello Session with Cami!

For women who are almost positive coaching is for them but just want a few essential or procedural questions answered.
Click Here to schedule a session.

”We’re engaged! Less than 5 months from our last Calling in “The One” session… I hope you’ve met more good clients because I do not stop talking about you and sending wonderful confused women looking for love your way. Thank you Cami!!! Xoxo”
Joy Gorman – Los Angeles, CA


terry-doolan-for-cam-elen”Within weeks after my coaching with Cami, I met the man who became my husband. With Cami’s guidance, I deepened my capacity for love and partnership, and now, everything is possible. I am open and available to deep, intimate, passionate connection with my Beloved, and have a meaningful, rich life full of love.”
TD – Dallas, Texas

Want the support from a group of other women also going through the Calling in “The One” Process?

Join us for our live group sessions! They’re 7 weeks long, and we typically run them two times per year. Click here to learn more.