The Single Girl's Guide to a Luscious Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and if you’re like a lot of single ladies you may be thinking “Oh, great. Another year’s gone by and I still haven’t met The One.”

And if you’ve been out there dutifully dating, Bumbling and Tindering your way through a sea of “why did I bother putting on my makeup” kind of evenings, I can understand how you feel.

But before you decide to spend February 14th alone in your pajamas with a pint of Häagen-Dazs and Bridget Jone’s Diary, I’d like to propose something new.

You see, I believe that Valentine’s Day wasn’t just created for Happy Lovers feting each other across candle-lit tables.

Valentine’s Day is actually the PERFECT opportunity for gorgeous, single ladies to celebrate themselves by putting themselves dead center of all the luscious love in the air, rewriting their luscious love journey and how the rest of the year is going to play out..

So without further ado, here’s the Single Girl’s Guide to a Luscious Valentine’s Day.

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The Single Girl’s Guide to a Luscious Valentine’s Day

Step 1. Get UBER Clear on your Vision of Luscious Love Fulfilled.

In order to attract a Great Love, you MUST be clear on what that will love look like. And if by “look” you’re thinking in terms of your high-school crush on that cute quarterback or that gorgeous long-haired loner in your favorite indie rock band, then think again.

You’ve come a long way baby from those adolescence fantasies, so it’s time to put your big girl pants on and really sense into who and what your Great Love is. How does he show up for you? What is he offering you? Commitment? Longevity? Sweetness? Support? Fantastic Sex? Genuine Friendship? A safe space to flourish, so you can give your greatest gifts? NOW WE’RE TALKING.

The next question in this equation is who are YOU being for your beloved so that it’s clear to him that you are his best choice. Is there anything you need to be doing in order level up?

RnB singing sensation and dancer Ciara spoke at the 2019 Makers Women’s Conference a couple days ago, and talked about how she had to level up who she was being in her life, including healing from romantic heartbreak, in order to prepare herself to meet her Great Love. (Seattle Seahawks Quarterback Russel Wilson – go figure!)

Ciara assumed she would be spending the next four years a single mom, taking care of herself and her son, preparing for love, but only 10 months after doing a visioning practice she met The One. (Her main takeaway in the talk is to anchor in Self Love and Appreciation so when love arrives you feel absolutely worthy of being lavished with Love.)

Step 2. Treat Yourself to Something Special.

Valentine’s Day is a day traditionally dedicated to showing the one you love most in life that they are special to you, and the one person in life you should love the most, before anyone else, is yourself.

So before you decide to pass on celebrating the holiday, take the opportunity to actively give yourself the love and appreciation you will one day be offering to someone else.

Book that long delayed spa appointment and spend a few hours being pampered and doted upon by attentive and skillful bodyworkers. Turn off social media and your phone for the evening, and order in a delicious meal from your favorite Italian Restaurant then cue up your favorite mushy romcom. (Oh okay, Bridget Jones away!)

Relish this time at home feeling cozy doing exactly what you want. Or, if you prefer a little more excitement, get dolled up, grab your best wing woman and head out for a night on the town, enjoying one of the many singles events always happening on Valentine’s Day (a quick Google search will reveal what’s- a – happening hot stuff.)

Step 3. Appreciate Your Body.

Showing yourself love on Valentine’s Day includes appreciating your beautiful body and all she does for you. We can all be incredibly hard on ourselves, believing the negative messages in the media about which bodies are attractive and deserving of love, so it’s important to take a pause, and appreciate these beautiful, unique, and incredibly hardworking temples that allow us to function in the world.

This Valentine’s Day, show your body some love by offering it the experience of pleasure. After a bath or shower, rub oil, or lotion on your skin and spend a few extra seconds touching the areas that you wish weren’t there (they need your loving attention the most). Caress your muscles gently, or deeply, however feels best, and practice self-care.

Be sensual for yourself. Spend the evening setting up an environment that you find sensually pleasing; from a warm bath, to a soft nightgown, to clean sheets. Go slowly, nurturing yourself, giving yourself plenty of time to fully experience textures, sounds, scents and colors that make you feel good. If so inclined, indulge in a little solo sex before drifting off to dreamland awash in gorgeous oxytocin hormones.

Step 4. Celebrate Galentine’s Day!

In case you never got the memo, there is another holiday ,the day before Valentine’s Day, called Galentine’s Day, which is essentially a Girlfriends Get Together Holiday. (Thank you Amy Poehler!)

So make a phone date (or a real date!) on February 13th with your “Gayle” and do what best girlfriends do best, laugh it up! Catch up on all the latest gossip, over-analyze that interaction you had on Wednesday with the cute guy at the Commissary, or just chat the night away, enjoying the warmth and connection that good friends bring.

Hey Listen. This could very well be your last Valentine’s Day flying Solo.

One day in the not too distant future you will be sitting across the table from your Great Love, celebrating the fact that in this crazy world you finally found each other. And it will be so delicious! But in the meantime, there something cool about the fact that this year you’re not obligated to create any kind of experience for anyone else. This year it’s about you.

So why not spend February 14th celebrating you, maybe meeting up with a a good friend, and getting clear on your vision for a 365 – year-round Luscious Love?

Sounds dreamy.

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